Intelligent Automations

Boost conversion, enhance retention, and elevate the quality of care

Intelligent Automations Overview

Automations are a powerful tool in enhancing patient engagement by setting up automated messages triggered by specific events or actions within Quickr. By setting up targeted automated messages, you can increase conversion rates, foster greater retention, and provide superior quality of care, ensuring every patient interaction is a positive one.

Creating Automations

Here is how to establish automations based on various events and triggers in Quickr:

Event Triggers

Automations are initiated by the following triggers:

  1. The practice sends a message to a patient.
  2. A patient sends a message to the practice.
  3. A message from the practice hasn't been responded to.
  4. A message from a patient remains unanswered.

Automated Actions

When an event trigger is activated, two automated actions can be initiated:

  1. Sending a Secure message
  2. Dispatching an SMS message

Time Delay

Specify the time delay between the event trigger and the automated action with three different time settings:

  1. Minutes
  2. Hours
  3. Days

Maximum thresholds set at 60 minutes, 24 hours, and 365 days.

Utilizing Automations for Enhanced Engagement

To give you a sense of how automations can be used, here are two examples outlined:

  1. 1 minute after a patient messages the practice, send them an SMS message that says “Thanks for reaching out to our practice. We received your message. We’ll get back to you shortly.”
  2. 2 days after a practice message has not been responded to, send a Secure message that says “Just checking in to make sure everything is ok.”

Note* Automations will only be triggered once. So automated actions to messages that have not been responded to will not loop.

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