Modernized Fax

That old thing, but better

Introducing A Modern Fax Flow

In an era of digital communication, fax might seem like a relic of the past. However, at Quickr, we've breathed new life into fax communications, combining old reliability with modern technology's convenience. Discover the upgraded functionalities:

Efficient Fax Management

  • External Contact Integration: Start by clicking into an external contact to initiate your fax process, simplifying the transition between various communication mediums.
  • Easy PDF Uploads: No more cumbersome fax machines; simply upload a PDF to send an electronic fax swiftly and securely to the selected contact number.
  • Organized Communication Feed: Stay on top of your communications. Incoming faxes will be automatically sorted into the external contact’s communication feed, making it easier to track and manage your fax correspondences.

Coming Soon: Smart Fax

  • Intelligent Sorting: The upcoming Smart Fax feature will further upgrade fax communications with intelligent sorting and management functionalities, giving you a seamless fax management experience.
  • Automation Capabilities: Get ready to save time and resources with automation capabilities that streamline fax processes, allowing you to focus more on patient care.


At Quickr, we're dedicated to making every aspect of your workflow smoother and more efficient, even when it comes to traditional communication methods like fax. Experience a modern, streamlined approach to fax communications with our modern fax flow. We're confident that this feature will become an indispensable tool in your healthcare practice, combining the best of both worlds: tradition and innovation.

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