Form Response

Form Response

Form Response By Patients

Easily filled and added directly to their Chronological Record



Collect important information and consent from patients, automatically and directly linked to their profiles.

Fast Forms

The forms can be easily accessed and are completely integrated for a seamless flow of updated information right into their profiles.


Step 1: Sending Forms to Patients

Patients can receive forms in two ways:

  1. Through a direct link sent via a secure message or SMS.
  2. As an attachment linked to an appointment they scheduled.

Step 2: Filling Out the Forms

Upon receiving the form, patients can easily complete it using their mobile browser. The form layout is designed for hassle-free navigation, presenting all necessary fields in a single, scrollable page.

Step 3: Submitting and Updating Records

Once the patients fill out all required sections, a simple press of the 'submit' button automatically integrates their responses into the chronological record section on their profiles, ensuring updated and comprehensive record management.

Additional Information

  • Forms can either be attached to specific appointments or sent independently, depending on the nature of the information required.
  • The mobile browser compatibility ensures that patients can complete the forms at their convenience, without needing any additional applications or software.

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