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Introducing B.Y.O.F. - Build Your Own Forms


Develop comprehensive and interactive forms directly within your settings to facilitate streamlined communication and data collection from respondents. B.Y.O.F. enables a dynamic and secure way to gather vital information, tailored to your specific requirements.

Creating and Managing Forms

Here’s how you can create, distribute, and manage forms, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of patient data collection:

Building Your Forms

The 8 diverse building blocks in B.Y.O.F. allow you to craft forms that suit your precise needs. Each block can be designated as either required or optional, guiding respondents through the process clearly:

  1. Simple Text Answer
    • Provides respondents with a text box for straightforward answers.
  2. Conditional Text Answer
    • Incorporates a small text input for brief responses and a larger text box for more detailed answers.
  3. Single Choice Answer
    • Present a list of options, allowing respondents to select a single choice.
  4. Multiple Choice Answer
    • Present a list of options, allowing respondents to select one or more choices from a given list.
  5. Linear Scale Question
    • Features a scale with labeled end-points, enabling respondents to select an answer within the specified range.
  6. File Upload
    • Opens the ability for respondents to upload necessary files or images as a part of their response.
  7. Text Block
    • Incorporates instructional information or explanations within the form, without providing a response area.
  8. Signature Box
    • Allows respondents to electronically sign a form, acknowledging their understanding and agreement with the contents.

Form Distribution

Once your form is crafted, you can seamlessly distribute it through the following methods:

  1. Secure and SMS messages
    • When forms are sent via Secure message, respondents are able to see the status of their form response.
  2. Attach forms to appointments
    • Respondents can see the forms attached to appointments after they schedule one.

Managing Forms

On the forms settings page, providers have the ability to manage forms with efficiency:

  • View Forms: In the list view, see the link to each form (note: patients need to log in to complete the form) and the appointments the forms are linked to.
  • Edit Forms: Adjust forms as needed using the Edit option in the drop-down menu.
  • Duplicate Forms: Create copies of existing forms, saving time and effort.
  • Delete Forms: Remove outdated or unnecessary forms with the delete function.

Seeing Forms In Chronological Record

Forms are

For more on how respondents interact with and complete these forms, please refer to the Form Responses section.

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