Mobile Access

Mobile Access

Mobile Access

Manage your practice on the go


Staying in touch with patients is fundamental in membership-based healthcare. Quickr’s mobile access empowers you to manage these interactions seamlessly, ensuring you're never out of reach.

Accessing Quickr Mobile

Step 1: Logging In

To access Quickr on mobile:

  1. Open your mobile browser.
  2. Visit
  3. Log in using your Quickr credentials.

It’s that simple! No need to download an additional app.

Key Features of Quickr Mobile

Once logged in, you have the power of Quickr at your fingertips. Here’s what you can do:

  • Access Your Full Inbox
    • View and manage all your messages.
    • Stay updated with patient communications and important notifications.
  • Message Patients and Contacts
    • Send and receive messages from patients.
    • Communicate with both internal and external contacts seamlessly.
  • Send Secure Messages and SMS
    • Ensure the confidentiality of your communications with secure messaging.
    • Send SMS messages directly from the platform for quick and efficient communication.
  • Initiate New Conversations
    • Start new conversations with patients or colleagues.
    • Engage in timely discussions and consultations, enhancing patient care.

When To Use Quickr Mobile

  • When convenience is a priority: Manage your practice on the go, without the need for a desktop or laptop.
  • For efficiency: Quickly respond to patient needs and messages.


Access to Quickr on mobile brings the power of efficient and secure membership based healthcare management to your fingertips. Ensure that you’re always connected and ready to provide the best care to your patients, no matter where you are.

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