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A Dynamic Look at Your Patient List

Ever need to find a patient’s details quickly? Our patient list feature has you covered!


Patient Views

  • View Your Entire Patient List: A quick glance to see all your patients in one place.
  • Sort with Ease: Arrange your patient list just how you want it. You can sort by:
    • Name: Find patients alphabetically for quick navigation.
    • Last Action Taken: Stay updated with the most recent actions or notes made on a patient's profile.
    • Last Visit: (Coming Soon) Know when a patient last visited, helping you to keep track of follow-ups.

Your Gateway to Individual Patient Profiles

Dive deeper into each patient’s profile to get a personalized view of all their information.


Personalize with a Photo: Add a picture to help recognize patients easily and make their profile more personal.

Essential Details at a Glance: Quickly access demographic details like age and gender without having to dig through files.

Stay in Touch: Keep patient contact details, such as email and phone number, handy for easy communication.

Appointment Tracking: Be on top of your interactions by viewing the dates of their last and upcoming appointments.

Membership Status: Instantly see their membership status through integration with Hint.

Health History Management: Effortlessly view, add, or edit a patient's health history to maintain an updated record.

Clinic Notes: Jot down important or quick notes, just like using sticky notes, for the whole practice to be able to refer back to later.


Your patients are rockstars, and managing their profiles shouldn't be a hassle. With these features, you are not only keeping patient data organized but also creating an organized environment for your practice. Go ahead, give it a try and experience the ease of patient management like never before!

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