Self-scheduling, saving everyone time


Self Scheduling

With self-scheduling, patients have more control over their appointment times, and practice staff can save time typically spent coordinating appointments. This feature contributes to a smoother, more efficient clinic operation, benefiting both your team and the patients you serve.

Web App Scheduling

  • Patients have the freedom to book their appointments directly through the web app, simplifying the process for both them and practice staff.
  • During the scheduling process, patients will choose the type of appointment they need from the available options.
  • The system will display only the slots that have been specified as available, preventing overbooking and ensuring a smooth workflow.
  • To facilitate a productive visit, patients are prompted to complete any necessary forms before their appointment date.

Text-to-Schedule (Coming Soon)

  • In the near future, patients will be able to initiate the scheduling process by simply texting "Schedule" to the clinic's phone number.
  • After sending the text, patients will receive a magic login link, allowing them to proceed with booking their appointment directly with your office, offering another convenient option for appointment setup.

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