To Do

To Do

To Do

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Attached To Anything


Attach a task to anything in Quickr

  • Patient profiles
  • External contact profiles
  • Individual communications
  • Items in the Chronological Record
  • Additionally, you can add general tasks that aren't linked to specific items.

Assign and Manage a To Do

  • Delegation: Allocate To Do items to yourself or other registered users at your clinic.
  • Setting Deadlines: Assign specific due dates and times to To Do items to manage deadlines effectively.
  • Overview: Keep track of who assigned To Do items to you and edit details as necessary.

Comprehensive To Do Overview


Full list view of all the To Do items

The full list is sorted by they’re due date.

  • Today
  • Upcoming
  • Past Due

See what kind of content the To Do is attached to.

  • Message
  • Profile
  • Record

Task completion

Mark To Do items as completed and review all finalized To Do items in the "Done" section.

To Do Scope

Get an overview of To Do items across your entire practice or filter to view those that are assigned to you or other specific registered users in your practice.

Search Functionality

Utilize the search feature to quickly locate specific items within your To Do list.

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